Faux Lampwork Polymer Clay Bead Tutorial


Skill Level: Advanced

My faux lampwork technique does not build upon any skills that a beginner does not have, and my instructions are thorough enough for someone new to polymer clay to follow them. However, this technique does require specialized tools and supplies and you will need good hand-eye coordination. You will need to know how to condition, bake, and mix colors of clay together. This project is for adults only.


Learn how to make polymer clay beads that look like lampwork with this faux glass technique. You will receive a downloadable PDF that’s written in English, which includes many step-by-step instructions, pictures, and helpful tips.

The pictured beads are an example of what you can make with this faux glass technique. I explain how to make three different types of beads: bumpy beads, transparent floating dot beads, and translucent beads that look like they glow from within.

This project requires the following special tools/supplies: variable temperature heat gun, k-type thermocouple probe (to test how hot your heat gun gets), liquid Kato PolyClay.

I hope you enjoy using these techniques in your artwork, I’d love to see what you come up with! Purchasing this tutorial grants you a non-transferable license. The tutorial (my instructions and images) are intended for personal use only, but you’re free to do whatever you want with your creations, of course! You may not sell this tutorial, offer it as a free download, or copy it and send the document to your friends.

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