Where Can I Buy Clear Liquid Polymer Clay?

Depending on what kind of craft supply shops you have locally, it may be very difficult to come by the clearest brands of liquid polymer clay in person. This post is intended for a US audience since I can’t speak for locations that I don’t have experience with.

Although I am able to find Kato at my local Hobby Lobby, I typically rely on ordering online when I need more because I like to order large bottles of clear liquid Kato PolyClay. I’ve only been able to find Fimo liquid super transparent online.

Which brand of clear liquid polymer clay is the best?

The best one will really depend on what your project is. The two that I cycle through the most are Kato PolyClay and Staedtler Fimo Liquid Gel (super transparent) because both products really do look transparent after curing. The Kato liquid clay cures the clearest in my opinion, especially if you’re only going to use one or two layers of it. On the other hand, Fimo super transparent cures ever so slightly frosted looking if you build it up in layers (which can make some really interesting faux glass effects!).

The texture of the finished pieces will be different. Coming from the perspective of making faux glass hollow beads, if you’re making a stand-alone bead out of the liquid clay, then I highly recommend using Kato liquid clay because it isn’t easy to squish between your fingers. Your pieces will end up feeling sturdier. Fimo super transparent liquid would be fine for a bead strung on an earring, but it’s pretty easy to deform if you squeeze it even if you use more layers to complete the bead.

If you’re using the liquid clay as a “glaze” to make a bead shiny, then either brand would work well. Although, again, I have a preference for clear Kato PolyClay because I like the texture of it over the Fimo gel – it feels smoother to the touch to me.

Where can I find Liquid Kato PolyClay?

clear liquid kato polyclay

Of the two brands that I like using, liquid Kato PolyClay is usually the easiest one for me to find in the United States. As I mentioned before, you’re able to find small bottles of it at most Hobby Lobby’s (they also sell it online). As far as websites go, there are multiple places where you can get both the clear liquid and the colored varieties.

I personally prefer getting mine on Amazon because I’ve been able to find the large 8 FL OZ bottles for a very reasonable price (whenever I notice the price has dropped, I grab a few!). This is the listing that I’ve purchased from many times in the past: Clear Liquid Kato PolyClay

You’re also able to buy directly from Van Aken online. They have both the 8 FL OZ and 2 FL OZ bottles of clear available, as well as all of the transparent colors of liquid clay (these only come in the 2 FL OZ size). You can find their website listing here: Van Aken Liquid Clay

Additionally, the 2 FL OZ bottles of clear are available from Fire Mountain Gems, which might be helpful if you’re planning on a bulk supply order from there. You can find their listing here: Clear Liquid Kato

If you’d like to support small businesses, then you can also easily find liquid Kato Polyclay on Etsy. I’ve bought bottles of clear and all of the colors that it comes in from other sellers. Check to see what’s available here: Liquid Kato PolyClay on Etsy

Where can I find Staedtler Fimo Liquid Gel Polymer Clay?

fimo super transparent liquid gel

Bottles of Fimo liquid (super transparent) have been really difficult to track down for me, and when I can find them, they’re usually pretty expensive. Make sure you’re finding a bottle that specifically says “super transparent” on it! This is the manufacturer’s page for it so you have a reference for what you’re looking for: Fimo Liquid Gel

I usually check Etsy and eBay first to see if anyone has a few bottles listed.

Cool Tools has been a good source in the past for Fimo liquid gel, you can find their listing for it here:
Fimo Liquid Super Transparent

It sometimes is in stock on Amazon, this is the listing that I’ve used to purchase it in the past: Fimo Liquid Gel Super Transparent

Do you really get clear results? Are they worth the cost?

I personally think both products are worth the price if you’re trying to achieve a super clear effect with liquid polymer clay. I prefer working with the liquid Kato, but I still don’t pass up the opportunity to grab a bottle or two of the super transparent Fimo liquid gel when I find it! I’m able to achieve my faux glass techniques with both brands; however, side-by-side the beads made with Kato liquid are significantly more glass-like.

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